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Customizing the Accordion header background color in Flex 3

I was really stuck with to change the accordian each item header color, i was trying with

Thanks to Peter deHaan for the post ‘Customizing the Accordion header in Flex 3′. See the example below for the Customizing the Accordion each item header background color in Flex 3.

Simple image mouseover through jQuery

Mouseover is common behavior for the images, required in any website across the pages. So it’s a good idea to keep this functionality in common script file. Simple jQuery code can make the life easier, just follow the below steps:

Step1: Add the jquery library, if not added or can be used google CDN hosted:

Step2: Add the below code within the script tag

Step3: Add the css class ‘rollover’, in which image you want mouseover

Step4: Add the images ‘normal’ & ‘mouseover’ in same location, ending with ‘imagename_off.gif’ & ‘imagename_on.gif’.